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Inputmask is a javascript library that creates an input mask. Inputmask can run against vanilla javascript, jQuery, and jqlite. For full documentation please check the plugin's documentation.


Inputmask's Javascript files are bundled in the global plugin bundles and globally included in all pages:
<script src="assets/plugins/global/plugins.bundle.js"></script>


  • Inputmask instances can be initialized via new Inputmask()class as explained in the Documentation.
  • Inputmask instances can be initialized via data-inputmaskHTML attribute as explained in the Documentation.


Some examples of using Inputmaks with variouse options:
Custom date format: mm/dd/yyyy
Phone number format: (999) 999-9999
Phone number format with placeholder: (999) 999-9999
Mask 9, 99or ... 9999999999
Numeric format
Currency format: € ___.__1.234,56
Custom format: 999.999.999.999
Custom format: _@_
// Date
    "mask" : "99/99/9999"

// Phone
    "mask" : "(999) 999-9999"

// Placeholder
    "mask" : "(999) 999-9999",
    "placeholder": "(999) 999-9999",

// Repeating
    "mask": "9",
    "repeat": 10,
    "greedy": false

// Right aligned
Inputmask("decimal", {
    "rightAlignNumerics": false

// Currency
Inputmask("€ 999.999.999,99", {
    "numericInput": true

// Ip address
    "mask": "999.999.999.999"

// Email address
    mask: "*{1,20}[.*{1,20}][.*{1,20}][.*{1,20}]@*{1,20}[.*{2,6}][.*{1,2}]",
    greedy: false,
    onBeforePaste: function (pastedValue, opts) {
        pastedValue = pastedValue.toLowerCase();
        return pastedValue.replace("mailto:", "");
    definitions: {
        "*": {
            validator: '[0-9A-Za-z!#$%&"*+/=?^_`{|}~\-]',
            cardinality: 1,
            casing: "lower"
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